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We are a lean & mean organisation driven by entrepreneurial and forward-thinking professionals with a clear vision and passion to execute. The core team exists of six dedicated team members. Meet some of the driving forces behind Exelenti.


Karel J.A.M. Want (Co-Founder)

After fulfilling several management postitions within the hospitality sector, Karel soon founded his own recruitment agency focused at high-end personnel placements within the hospitality sector.

By ‘accident’ he rolled into a hotel ‘flip’ when a client failed to complete. He decided to expand upon this successful endeavour with his newly found business partner and started acquiring, managing and, at a later stage, developing commercial real-estate, primarily business oriented hotels. Together they undertook, at their own risk and expense, over 10 projects, mostly multi-million Euro deals.

Inspired by the opportunities and potential in impact investing he co-founded Exelenti. Karel maintains a birds eye view over the organisation and plays an important role in key strategic decisions. He is characterised by his go-getting, passionate and, persistent attitude.

Rogier H.C.M. Want (Co-Founder)

While working on his PPE Open degree from the Open University, Rogier followed into his fathers footsteps by investing in the residential real-estate market during the height off the credit crisis.

Rogier developed a residential property portfolio and was one of the first accredited landlords in the UK. His key focus has and continues to be on affordable housing.

Broadening his horizons Rogier co-founded Exelenti. Rogier is known as a diligent, straight talker with a strong drive and passion for impact investing. For that reason you will see him blog on the subject whenever he gets the chance!


Ike M Mbamali (Operational Executive)

Ike started his career with some of the key financial institutions in the City. He soon started to invest into real-estate, ranging from traditional residential buy-to-lets, to providing specialist housing solutions for social institutions.

Ike also has extensive business experiences in various parts of Africa where most of his ventures have focussed on the mining sector. He consequently benefits from an elaborate high-quality network both in the City and Africa.

Ike has an all-round involvement on both the real-estate side, as well as overseeing all Africa related agribusiness activities. Ike can be characterised as an charismatic people’s person known for his quality in shaping and realising strategic allegiances.

Piet J.M. Poos (CFO)

Piet is a charted accountant and has fulfilled various management roles, mainly at Ernst & Young and SNS Reaal. Piet has gained extensive boardroom exposure and is experienced in managing professionals of different backgrounds.

Piet has a particular passions for establishing controllable business processes and integrating control frameworks. As a risk manager and auditor it has always been his objective the help organisations to be stronger and to be able to better control risks.

Within Exelenti Piet is primarily responsible for financial assessments and modelling, managing our risk, and allround involvement in key financial decision making. Piet is known for his ability to ‘figure’ figures accompanied by his strategic business minded insight to make ‘things’ work.

Sjoerd Sliggers (Process Technology Analyst)

Sjoerd is a chemical engineer by trade and has a broad experience within the Food and Pharma Industry. He has held various positions within multinational corporations such as DSM and Danone/Nutricia, where he has been responsible for Process Development, Production Management and various large multi-disciplinary projects within the field of processing.

Sjoerd is a specialised and diligent man that travels to all corners of the world to help companies with their processing challenges. Within Exelenti Sjoerd is responsible for evaluating and supervising the implementation of new processing technologies within the agribusiness sector. Currently his main focus lies with the supervising of implementing a novel stevia processing technology for Stevia 1931.

Anwar X Sadat (Regional Executive)

Anwar is a successful Ghanaian entrepreneur who has his main focus on investment and infrastructural development projects in Greater Accra and the Upper West region of Ghana.

Anwar is contracted for various infrastructural projects from bilateral organisations such as the UN. Anwar is our first man in Ghana and fulfils various key roles on the ground, ranging from organisational, operational and managerial responsibilities.