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Prowgress is a wordplay containing specific reference to the words progress and prow (the very most forward part of a ship’s bow).

The desire to progress is what runs through our veins and encapsulates our companies DNA. With any endeavour we undertake we always strive to take timely and decisive action, to maximise positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

The prow of a ship is the very most forward part of a ship’s bow that cuts through the water. A ship’s bow is designed to enable the hull to pass efficiently through the water and bow shapes vary according to the speed of the boat, the seas or waterways being navigated, and the vessel’s function. This is exactly how we approach business. Different opportunities, with a different set of people/cultures and circumstances, require different approaches and solutions. In our view there is no one-size fits all approach and any undertaking we take on together should be pleasant and fruitful experience. 

Combining the desire to make progress together with the knowledge that each situation requires a different approach allows us as a business to navigate through both rough and calm waters. Just like the weather it’s not all sunshine, yet, it’s exactly these difficult times that allows a business to develop, grow and explore new avenues and territories.