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We are entrepreneurs at heart and we are generally exclusively interested in undertaking projects together with strategic partners. In certain circumstances, however, our knowledge and expertise proves to be relevant to other parties, yet, a strategic partnership may not be in the cards. In these cases we may work on a consultancy basis, providing we feel comfortable in that we are able to deliver practical results with real impact.

We work with a large, diverse, international database of engaged business professionals. We are, always happy to make introductions. Our particular expertise and network centers around the following topics:

  • Vast experience in both the residential and commercial real-estate market. Primary geographic focus area is the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Extensive network of real-estate professionals across Europe, including developers and financiers.
  • Agribusiness, particularly Stevia farming. Location experience in Ghana, the Netherlands and Kenya. Good network of agribusiness professionals, both entrepreneurs and finance institutions active in agribusiness in Africa.
  • Interests and a strong and broad network that is active and present in the West African mining sector.
  • Knowledge and project related experience in the impact investing industry. 
  • Diverse HNWI network, mainly concentrated in Northern Europe.

We have undertaken consultancy activities for companies such as L.E.K. Consulting and Guidepoint Advisors. We also work for a variety of NGO’s and public sector entities, including SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency