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Tired of reading and talking about impact investing? Are you keen to  actually GET INTO THE GAME? Many people believe that impact investing is a game reserved for the big boys only. Well, perhaps that was true in the past, yet, it certainly isn’t so anymore. Here four options you have today to ‘get impact investing’: 

  • Swell: With Swell you can start with a minimum investment of (just $50!). Swell never invests in industries like oil, tobacco, weapons, or private prisons. Instead they have tailor-made portfolios for renewables, green tech, disease eradication, clean water and more. They are note quiet outperforming the S&P 500 yet, but their results are impressive nevertheless. For now, there is still one catch though: it’s only available to US citizens. They are looking to change this, and I will update this post when it does. 
  • Motif Investing offers impact investing portfolio’s from 1000 USD. Their returns range 5-7%. 
  • OpenInvest offers investments from 3000 USD. All of our their portfolios perform within 1-2 percent of the market. 
  • Impact Base: You now best? Of course you pick companies yourself, investing individually in companies that support your causes. ImpactBase, the GIIN’s searchable database of more than 400 impact investing vehicles makes the process easier.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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