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Pakistan is Planting 10 Billion Trees

Pakistan is planting 10 billion trees. To fight #climatechange with forests. We have the solutions, there is no time to waste. #ActOnClimate#Climate #energy #tech #cdnpoli #GreenNewDeal #PanelsNotPipelines #Go100re — Mike Hudema (@MikeHudema) June 30, 2020 Image by My pictures are CC0. When doing composings: from Pixabay  

Greenbacks for Green Deals

Amazon launched a new Climate Pledge Fund that will devote $2 billion to investing in sustainable and decarbonizing technologies. Soon after Amazon unveiled a deal to acquire Zoox, a VC-backed maker of electric self-driving cars, for a reported $1.2 billion. All that comes about four months after Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s Read more…