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Impact Investing. The Best of Both Worlds.

We leverage impact investing principles to incubate inclusive business ventures across a diverse range of sectors and regions. We understand businessis need to run a profit for them to be sustainable. But we also know that one goal doesn't have to preclude the other. Making a profit can go together with achieving positive social and/or environmental outcomes.


We develop and manage affordable housing solutions through public-private partnerships. Our key markets are the UK and the Netherlands.


Agriculture forms the foundation of our civilisation and a key tool in eradicating poverty. We run various agribusiness related companies.


Great ideas require people and capital. Through our diverse international network we can deliver both. Together we achieve more.

Meet our Team

A great team is everything. We are dynamic and responsive. Positive change and results are what drives us. Progress = Happiness. Meet our key players:


Regional Executive (UK)

Ike surely is the most charming of us all. He kicked of his career in high finance and has an excellent track record developing and managing predominately affordable residential housing projects. Ike is a man on mission, working hard to deliver much needed social housing projects in Greater London.


Regional Executive (Ghana)

Anwar's background centers around infrastructural development projects in Greater Accra and the Upper West region of Ghana. Anwar manages our nucleus farming operations in Ghana. Anwar is reliable, loyal and has a knack for getting things done quickly and efficiently.


Operations Ninja

Rogier started his journey building a residential property portfolio targeting the affordable housing sector. He was one of the first accredited landlords in the UK. In 2014 he expanded his horizon by embracing agriculture. Rogier learnt agribusiness is tough but very enjoyable and rewarding business.


The Don

Karel is an entrepreneurial veteran and life long real-estate investor targeting the residential and hospitality sector. He is passionate and proactive and the older and wiser man in the team. Karel keeps oversight over strategic decisions and tries his best to keep the rest of us in check.


Communications Specialist

Kamila started her career in retail. She has international work experience and has held various management positions. They say that women wield the real power and it's no different with us. Kamila takes care of our marketing and communications needs.


Happiness Officer

We found this little solider wounded and hungry by the roadside. He joined the pack and made our office his home. Gib is by far our most valuable team member and he has been appointed for life. He doesn't take calls or emails; just treats and pets.


We publish articles about topics we care about. We hope you like them.

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